Vinnie Jones

You Can Take the Actor out of the Womble Suite, but you can’t Take the Womble out of the Actor.

art work by : Sheeam
Creative Director : Daniel Fitzgerald
words by : William j Wheatley

Vincent Peter Jones was born on January 5 1965 in Watford, England a hard nut to crack he started playing football in 1984 at the tender age of 19, but there was nothing tender about this player, a hard man at school he carried, this throw out his footballing career, which started with, close by Wealdstone in Harrow, but theirs no public school boy in this football player, this man was still working as hod carrier on building sites, as well as kicking a football at weekends, this is were he gets his hard man image from, which he used later on in his life as a actor.

At the age of twenty one, Vinnie started playing full time professional football, a real rags to riches story, he turned up at the home of the wombles of Wimbledon, for a fee of £10,000 was agreed, money well spent for Wimbledon.

Being a all out attacking midfielder Jones soon got a reputation as a thug, fuelled by being part of a gang, which Jones was soon leading this crazy gang on, and he scored the winning goal against Man Utd, on his second outing, on a winters day November 29 1986.

When you look at Jones playing career he played for Wales, having a grandparent who was Welsh, which totalling nine internationals.

His playing career had a good mix of clubs, playing for the well hard, leeds Utd, in the old second division and first division, now the premier league, staying up north in 1991 moving to the blades of Sheffield

United, after being at leeds for two seasons, with out much success, but loved by the leeds fans, Leeds United started the game hard man football back in the seventies under Revie, much to the discuss of Brian Clough who soon departed from Managing Leeds Utd after losing the conference of the players, by saying they did not deserver what they had won, by being thugs, Jones was made for Utd, and he is still held in high regard at leeds Utd football club, after having his spell end, he moved back to London, to Chelsea for the two more seasons.

Come 1993 and Jones was on the move again back to the common, back to Wimbledon, and he was playing in the new Premier League for a longest spell in his career of six seasons.

Vincent is and has always been a thug on and off the pitch, he has done stuff that would get him a life time ban now, he has cultivated a hard man image to the max, brand a mosquito brain by the then Wimbledon chairman Sam Hammam due to the fact that he got sent off 12 times, and once he got sent off with in 23 seconds, which for any manager or team is a nightmare

Jones was proud that he taken football violence of the terraces and on to the football pitch, much to the FA displeasure in Lancaster gate, who in no uncertain terms throw the book at jones, with a four match ban, and told to grow up.

After a spell at QPR 1997- 1998 Jones hung his boots up, which was greeted with some what relief by many a striker who had been hacked or had there balls, grabbed, Jones was photographed grabbing Paul Gascoigne by his testicles to put him off his game and the fear of god in to him, stop the main man playing , this is typical hard man stuff, being dealt out by the hard man of football, he wanted to beat Newcastle in the FA Cup tie.

Jones carried his hard man image across the world of media, he started with being a tv presenter on Soccers Hard Men, which in his eyes he was top dog, released in 1992 after being fined and again bring the game into a dark area, which it was trying to move away from, in trouble again jones, he was fined heavily and banned for half the year.

Criminal charges were brought against jones in June 1998 for assault and actual bodily harm, against a neighbour, but this just added to his image of a hard man, and gave him good grounding for his film break throw with a up and coming new film director who was a Eton boy wanting to be a cockney, Guy Richie, staring in a truly great film for its time in 1998 lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and follow up Snatch, like his football career, Jones, has done well, staring in over 50 tv and film productions.

He al so came third in 2010 in cele big bro, loved buy millions of new fans, this hard man, just keeps going on.

Jones now has a fight on his hands with being treated for skin cancer, the hard mans, biggest fight yet.